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  • Enterprise Values

    1、Create value for customer, create a platform for employee, create benefit for shareholder, take social responsibility, develop our respect and innovative leading position as reliable partner. To be the most respectable and innovative enterprise in the industry
    2、Customer demand-oriented, protect customer’s investment, reduce customer’s cost and risk, improving customer’s competitiveness and profitability, supply to customer the best and most suitable product, the customer’s interest is our most fundamental interest of survival and development.
    3、Realize the interests of employees as well as shareholders, provide the best product and services to the public , maximize the contribution to the community by company development.
    4、Be the leading enterprise in the industry, develop the core technology system, practice the craftsman’s spirit,  employees are the company’s greatest treasure, establish the common interest, promote the spiritual civilization, respect for dedication.
    5、Persist in ethical principle of honesty as a person and excellence for work, working hard, love to our nation, loyal to our company, kind to our family, and respect to our customers.


  • Talent concept

    In the competition of the 21st century, talent is the key resource of enterprise competitiveness, the largest wealth of the company, the most precious enterprise resource and the important component of enterprise core competitiveness, and the first driving force for the rapid and healthy development of the company.

    "Talents are strong and people-oriented" is the talent concept that Jingcheng always adheres to. With flexible talent selection mechanism, broad development space and efficient incentive mechanism, a large number of elite talents come to Jingcheng company. We pay great attention to the building and cultivation of talent professionalism and personality, establish a sound training system, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of on-the-job employees through the internal selection and competition mechanism. Through the external recruitment mechanism, enhance the management level of the company and gradually improve the company's core competitiveness. Jingcheng company is committed to establishing a fair, just and open working atmosphere, while achieving the enterprise goals, to provide each employee with sufficient development space to realize self-value. Through the development of talent strategy, drive innovation and healthy development.

  • Job Offers

    Shijiazhuang Jingcheng Stainless Steel Products Co., LTD is an enterprise engaged in professional precision casting.Mainly produces stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel and various special alloy material precision casting and processing products.

    With 12 years of unremitting efforts ,our company has a sound technology and management system.And a number of world - renowned enterprises and established a stable relationship of cooperation.More than 90% of its products are sold in Europe, the United States and Japan.The company has always adhered to the development concept of strong talents and people-oriented, and is now attracting talents from all over the world. We look forward to your joining and create a century of sincerity!

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